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TMJ Disorders

Disorders of the temporalmandibular joint (TMJ) can be difficult to pinpoint because of a combination of factors such as tongue tie, stress, teeth clenching and grinding, incorrect tongue resting posture, mouthbreathing, etc. Anything that affect the structure and function of the TMJ can lead to TMJ dysfunction , pain, muscle tension and other symptoms. The symptoms may include: headaches, popping of the jaw, toothaches, upper body tension and pain, etc.
Dealing with TMJ related pain depends on the individual situation. Severity, duration, and location may vary and sometimes the pain isn't necessarily in the TMJ itself. Its often pain in the facial muscles and muscles of mastication that's tied to the TMJ.

Myofunctional therapy is beneficial in treating oral facial disorders by strengthening and retraining the oral facial muscles. According to this study from Brazil, myofunctional therapy can play a huge role in TMD; helping to reduce pain and restore function of the TMJ. The study showed improvements in pain level, increased range of motion, and a reduction in related signs and symptoms.